About our book store

Bestseller123 is an international bookstore with English books that can be delivered worldwide. We have several books in other languages, for example German, French, or Spanish.
Offers in Bestseller123 book store are partner offers from English bookstore Bookdepository.com. The selection of books is done through Bestseller123, but the order (adding books to basket, payment, delivery) is placed on Bookdepository.com.

The goal of Bestseller123 is to offer inexpensive English books to European customers and to complement local bookstores offers. We are reaching our goal because:

  • we offer inexpensive books with prices from 10 or more percent lower than in local online bookstores or even more compared to brick-and-mortar bookstores
  • we offer free delivery to EU countries and many other world countries regardless of the number of books ordered or order value
  • you don't pay customs if ordering within EU (because you're ordering books from inside the EU)
  • you receive the books by ordinary mail
  • you receive the books after 5 - 15 working days after you have placed the order

Bestseller123 bookstore is brought to you by Mihov.com web solutions Ltd., a Slovenian company specialized in web promotion, advertising and web presence, but mainly in web development for customers with higher demands.

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